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F-16A Fighting Falcon 401st TFW, 26th TFG 

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F-16A Fighting Falcon 401st TFW, 26th TFG

Historical Note:



The General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force(USAF). Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,500 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976. Although no longer being purchased by the U.S. Air Force, improved versions are still being built for export customers. In 1993, General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing business to the Lockheed Corporation, which in turn became part of Lockheed Martin after a 1995 merger with Martin Marietta.

The Fighting Falcon has key features including a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, side-mounted control stick to ease control while maneuvering, a seat reclined 30 degrees to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot, and the first use of a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire flight control system helps to make it a nimble aircraft. The F-16 has an internal M61 Vulcancannon and 11 locations for mounting weapons and other mission equipment. The F-16's official name is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is commonly used by its pilots, due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper starfighter.

In addition to active duty U.S. Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command, and Air National Guard units, the aircraft is also used by the USAF aerial demonstration team, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, and as an adversary/aggressor aircraft by the United States Navy. The F-16 has also been procured to serve in the air forces of 25 other nations.

Info: F-16A Fighting Falcon 401st TFW, 26th TFG, Hualian AFB, ROCAF

Product Videos

2014 Greenland F16 Low Level Test GoPro (04:31)
Thanks for all the comments. Please allow me to explain a bit more about this video below - but first some other videos from the mission; 1) RDAF official video: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=840011269344625&set=vb.172261662786259&type=2&theater 2) Berlingske.dk: http://www.b.dk/nationalt/se-groenland-fra-et-f16-fly 3) TV Syd (about the mission - in Danish): http://www.tvsyd.dk/artikel/252170:Video--F16-pilot--Udfordring-at-flyve-i-GrOenland 4) Rightthisminute - clip brought in US TV http://www.rightthisminute.com/video/royal-danish-air-force-glides-over-greenland First of all; to be able to release video from an operational test including 100 feet flying took a lot of effort and kicking down walls in a military system. This was the biggest achievement in the whole process. Please bear in mind that it would have been so much easier for me to keep it to my self and enjoy it alone. I made a choice to share it with all of you and I am deeply thankful to the Headquaters on Fighter Wing Skrydstrup and The Tactical Air Command Denmark, that they were open minded and allowed the release. That being said... I got approval (orders) to bring cameraes for documentation - not for public release (in the beginning). I recorded to video during the tests. I edited the video in my freetime during long and late nights. I choose the music and I choose to let everybody see the video - FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore I hope that you enjoy the video with or without music. "The video combines the best of two worlds; F16 flying and the breathtaking scenery over Greenland" - quote JOK (my wingman on the mission). Please also remember; 1) I am not a professional video producer, sound editor, or video director. I just did it to share the experience with you. 2) Music; I selected "Daybreak" for the following reasons; I actually love this song (and if you like - call me lame for it). I also love other songs, but by selecting this song I pay a tribute to GoPro and its team. GoPro made a great camera (HERO 3 black edition) that allowed me to shot way better video than ever before. The suction cup is great since you can place it, record and do your job while the video is being recorded. Another really important aspect is that GoPro bought the right for "Daybreak" - not only for them selves but for everybody, that wants to publish video with this song. That makes it legal to show my video everywhere. 2) I love the idea about a free internet where people can find quality stuff FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore; to all the companies (20+ so far) that has contacted me in order to sign contracts about earning half the money the companies can earn on selling it to TV show etc - F O R G E T I T... My video is free of charge and can be used unedited by everybody as long as they give credit to "Royal Danish Air Force" and "John Kristensen". If you want to edit in it - contact me first, please. 3) I will nevet post video with original sound! Why? First; cause I think it sucks when it is recorded in the air tight casing that I use. Second; cause I have had video stolen before - original sound makes it easy to steal and then make it look like it is your own video. Enjoy it and perhaps there will be more from the 3-day mission... STI Royal Danish Air Force Detachement Commander / Lead Pilot on the Greenland F16 Test Original description: HQ video with RDAF F16s low level over Greenland ice sheet; the flight takes us along the ice rim east of Kangerlussuaq, to the DYE-2 radar station, over the icefjord near Ilulissat, over the inspectionship Knud Rasmussen, and over the town of Ilussisat where the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen was born. Extra description; The clips are from day 2 and 3 of the mission; so filmed on the out and back to Thule AFB (landing up there can be watched in the video made by the air force officials on facebook "Flyvevåbnet" page). The clips in my video are not in a cronological order - it was better (I though) when I mixed the clips with the same bank angle etc. My original music choice was based on my sons advice "Dad, this is what the new generation wants to hear"; "Survival" by Eminem fits better to the clips but the Fighter Wing commander did not like that song (too many f... words) and it gave some restrictions due to copyright etc. I did not want to restrict this video in any way so the GoPro sound was an easy choice for an alternate music track.
  • 2014 Greenland...
    Thanks for all the comments. Please allow me to explain a bit ...

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