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B-29A Superfortress USAAF 19th BG, 28th BS, #44-61535 "Raz`n Hell" 

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Air Force 1 1:300 0139
B-29A Superfortress USAAF 19th BG, 28th BS, #44-61535 "Raz`n Hell"
World War II

Historical Note:


About the Smithsonian Series:

An exciting arrangement of colorful die cast models, these historic replicas are the inaugural releases in the Smithsonian Series from Air Force 1. This brand new collection pays tribute to America’s most legendary warbirds. The first five collectibles featured here are no exception, and salute military and technological achievements from the Doolittle Raid of World War II through the introduction of the advanced, tilt-rotor V-22 Osprey. Each newly tooled model in this diverse array – which includes 1/144, 1/200, and 1/300 scale replicas – feature an impressive attention to detail, such as accurately textured surfaces, authentic historic markings and artwork, rotating propellers (where applicable), and a display stand.


The Boeing B-29 Superfortress is a four-engine propeller-driven heavy bomber designed by Boeing and was flown primarily by the United Statesduring World War II and the Korean War. It was one of the largest aircraft operational during World War II and very advanced for its time. It featured apressurized cabin, all dual wheeled, tricycle landing gears, and a remote, electronic fire-control system that controlled four machine gun turrets. A manned tail gun installation was semi-remote. The name "Superfortress" continued the pattern Boeing started with its well-known predecessor, theB-17 Flying Fortress. Designed for high-altitude strategic bomber role, the B-29 also excelled in low-altitude nighttime incendiary bombing missions. One of the B-29's final roles during World War II was carrying out theatomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Due to the B-29's highly advanced design for its time, unlike many other World War II-era bombers, the Superfortress remained in service long after the war ended, with a few even being employed as flying television transmitters for the Stratovision company. The B-29 served in various roles throughout the 1950s. The Royal Air Force flew the B-29 as theWashington until phasing out the type in 1954. The Soviet Union produced an unlicensed reverse-engineered copy as the Tupolev Tu-4. The B-29 was the progenitor of a series of Boeing-built bombers, transports, tankers, reconnaissance aircraft and trainers including the B-50 Superfortress (the first aircraft to fly around the world non-stop) which was essentially a re-engined B-29. The type was finally retired in the early 1960s. The B-29 production total was 3,970 aircraft. Dozens of B-29s remain as static displays but only one example, Fifi, remains on flying status. As of 2015, another B-29 is being restored for flight.

Info: B-29A Superfortress USAAF 19th BG, 28th BS, #44-61535 "Raz'n Hell"

Product Videos

World's Only Flyable Boeing B-29 Departure + Flyover + Landing @ KPAE Paine Field (08:18)
The world's only flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress FiFi is on tour with the Commemorative Air Force visiting Paine Field this summer. Enjoy the take off, followed by a flyover and finally the landing of this beautiful bird. Note: Making a special guest appearance today is Honeywell's own Convair CV-580 N580HW
  • World's Only F...
    The world's only flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress FiFi is on t...

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