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Why You Need to Add Wooden Airplane Models to Your Collection


We offer a variety of model types at Aiken's Airplanes, but one type that we encourage serious collectors to buy are our wooden airplane models. These models are made out of beautiful mahogany and offer a richness that you won't get out of a plastic or metal model. The models themselves are very durable, and will last for years and years with the right care. If you are purchasing a model for a loved one, we can almost guarantee that they'll be thrilled with a wooden version of their favorite plane. 

So why do we use mahogany to create these wooden airplane models? We do it because of the high quality of the wood. Mahogany is a great wood to work with as a woodworker, too, because it is strong but easy to work with. It also sands down beautifully and holds its glue bond reliably. Once you see a wooden model up close, you'll be amazed at the beauty of the wood and marvel at the expert craftsmanship that goes into every piece. 

Purchase one of our models for yourself or a loved today and see for yourself what makes these models so special. We offer wooden models of civilian and commercial aircraft, as well as foreign and domestic military, NASA, and helicopters. So no matter what you collect, you'll be able to find a great wooden model on our website. We'll ship your order to you for free when you spend $150 or more, so start shopping for your wooden model today.