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Incredibly Detailed Diecast Model Airplanes


At Aiken's Airplanes we have something for everyone. Collecting model airplanes can be a great opportunity to learn more about history. Each plane has a rich and colorful backstory. It is extremely easy to start learning about planes and their unique role in the history of the last century. The rate at which plane technology advanced is truly astounding. In just 66 years we went from the first Wright brothers flight to landing on the moon. Our selection of diecast model airplanes features planes from every era.

Kids have always been interested in airplanes. Using planes to teach kids about history is a great way to show them that you can have fun while learning. It can be tough to get kids interested in history, but it is one of the most important subjects to learn about. Planes have a huge place in every facet of 20th century history. Both World War I and World War II featured a wide variety of extremely interesting planes. Many of these planes featured fun and exciting paint jobs. This can be a great starting point to get kids interested in planes.

Whether you are just starting out or already have an extensive collection, we have something you would enjoy. Browse our selection today to find the perfect gift for anyone who loves history or aviation. Model airplanes are great for kids and adults. Everyone can enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into these incredibly accurate models. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!