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High Quality Authentic Model Airplanes


If you have a passion for authentic model airplanes, you have come to the right place! Since 1997 we have offered the best aircraft models on the market. We have models in every category you can imagine. From early airplanes to modern helicopters, military fighters to NASA vehicles, and everything in between, we have it all! We are proud to offer a wide selection of models and model accessories at extremely competitive prices. 

The airplanes of WWII have a special place in many aviation enthusiasts hearts. Some of the most iconic planes of all time are from this era. With their unique paint jobs and timeless designs it is easy to see why these planes are so beloved. When you compare planes of this era to the planes from WWI, it is astounding how much progress was made. WWII planes were more specialized, better protected, and able to deliver more damage. Every country involved in the war produced their own fleets of fighters, bombers, reconnaissance planes, and more. 

One of our most popular WWII era models is the Douglas DB-7 (also known as the Douglas A-20 Havoc). This plane served a number of purposes for the United States Army Air Forces. It was made in a number of variants and was adept as an attack plane, a light bomber, an intruder, and a night fighter. It was ultimately used in all combat theaters of WWII by the Allied Forces. Hobby Master has done an excellent job with these model airplanes and we are proud to offer them!