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Pak 36 Anti Tank Canon German Army with Stielgranate 41 rocket, WWII 

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Thomas Gunn 1:30 ACCPAK036A
Pak 36 Anti Tank Canon German Army with Stielgranate 41 rocket, WWII
World War II

Historical Note:


**The A variant with Stielgranate 41 rocket, glued & permanently fitted to barrel, 37mm ammunition box and canister for Stielgranate 41. No crew are provided.**

The Pak 36 was an anti tank cannon developed for the German army in 1933, coming into general service in 1936. Over 9000 pieces were available to the German army by 1939 with a further 5000 being manufactured during the course of war. Seeing service initially in the Spanish civil war it performed well against the lightly armoured Republican tanks. Once again the PAK 36 served admirably against the Polish tanks during the 1939 campaign but its small calibre started to prove ineffective against British and French heavy tanks during the 1940 French campaign. The same weaknesses became even more apparent when faced with Russian T-34 and KV-1's during Operation Barbarossa. However as the Russian army fielded mainly light tanks at this time, the PAK 36 was responsible for knocking out hundreds of these Russian light tanks. The PAK 36 was eventually replaced by the 50mm PAK 38 mid way through the war. However with various firepower modifications including a Stielgranate 41 rocket shaped charge, it was given an extended lease of life in various theatres including Italy and Normandy. It was favoured by Germany's Fallschirmjager for its light weight and portability. The Fallschirmjager's of course found it very effective against infantry, trucks and armoured cars right up until the end of the war. The PAK 36 is probably best remembered from a scene in the HBO series 'Band of Brothers' where the US Paratroops come up against the Fallschirmjager in Carentan, armed with a PAK 36 which has been fitted with a Stiegranate 41. The FJ's fire it point blank at the Americans with quite deafening results!

About the Brand:

Thomas Gunn Miniatures, based out of the United Kingdom, offers high quality hand-painted toy soldiers in 1/30th scale. Founded in 2009, this company produces individual figures, mounted cavalry, armored fighting vehicles, military airplanes, and unique multi-figure vignettes. Each figure and set is assigned a limited production number, which means these items are available in small quantities only. Thomas Gunn Miniatures' French Foreign Legion figures represent their signature range. These toy soldiers come in a variety of poses, from fighting, to training, to marching. The range also includes some adversaries for the Legion in the form of Arabic soldiers. These figures are always highly sought after! The Great War from Thomas Gunn Miniatures has seen large expansions in the past 12 months, on both sides of the conflict. Central and Allied Flying Aces, German Infantry, ANZACS, Tommies, Poilus, and more are all available as toy soldiers from Thomas Gunn Miniatures. Another popular subject, Lawrence of Arabia, is also produced from this era. In addition, Thomas Gunn Miniatures produces World War II figures to round out your displays of the D-Day Normandy invasion, The Battle of the Bulge, The Russian Front, and The Pacific. Some of the most unique items created by the company are experimental rockets and jet aircraft for the German Luftwaffe. These sets are always in high demand when they are released, and only ever available in small numbers! Other conflicts covered include The Zulu War, The French & Indian War, The Napoleonic Wars, and more. Thomas Gunn Miniatures is known for tackling personality figures that other manufacturers do not, allowing for a variety of different looks in your displays. These figures match well with King & Country and John Jenkins Designs toy soldiers in terms of scale and subject matter. Choose a category below to view our selection of Thomas Gunn Miniatures' highly detailed, historically accurate toy soldiers.

Info: Pak 36 Anti Tank Canon German Army with Stielgranate 41 rocket, WWII

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