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Mig-17 Vietnamese Air force flown by Colonel Nguyen Toon Mahogany Display Model 

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Thomas Gunn 1:32 WOW294
Mig-17 Vietnamese Air force flown by Colonel Nguyen Toon Mahogany Display Model

Historical Note:


All Thomas Gunn aircraft are hand carved in mahogany and take around 80 hours to manufacture, each comes with a full interior and all are limited editions.

**No complimentary figure included.*


With the introduction of the successful MiG-15 in 1949, the Soviet Union pressed forward with designs for a follow-on aircraft. Designers at Mikoyan-Gurevich began modifying the earlier aircraft's form to increase performance and handling. Among the changes that were made was the introduction of a compound swept wing which was set at a 45° angle near the fuselage and 42° farther outboard. In addition, the wing was thinner than the MiG-15 and the tail structure altered to improve stability at high speeds. For power the MiG-17 relied on the older aircraft's Klimov VK-1 engine.

First taking to the sky on January 14, 1950, with Ivan Ivashchenko at the controls, the prototype was lost two months later in a crash. Dubbed the "SI", testing continued with additional prototypes for the next year and a half. A second interceptor variant, the SP-2, was also developed and featured the Izumrud-1 (RP-1) radar. Full-scale production of the MiG-17 began in August 1951 and the type received the NATO reporting name "Fresco." As with its predecessor, the MiG-17 was armed with two 23 mm cannon and one 37 mm cannon mounted under the nose.

Arriving too late for service in the Korean War, the MiG-17's combat debut came in the Far East when Communist Chinese aircraft engaged Nationalist Chinese forces over the Straits of Taiwan in 1958. The type also saw extensive service against American aircraft during the Vietnam War from April 1965 onward. The MiG-17 proved surprisingly effective against more advanced American strike aircraft. A nimble fighter, the MiG-17 downed 71 American aircraft during the conflict and led the American flying services to institute improved dog-fighting training.

Serving in over twenty air forces worldwide, it was used by the Warsaw Pact nations for much of the 1950s and early 1960s until being replaced by the MiG-19 and MiG-21. In addition it saw combat with the Egyptian and Syrian Air Forces during Arab-Israeli conflicts including the 1956 Suez Crisis, the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Though largely retired, the MiG-21 is still in use with some air forces including China (JJ-5), North Korea, and Tanzania.

Our hand carved Mahogany 1/32 scale variant comes in the markings of an aircraft serving in the Vietnamese air force flown by Colonel Nguyen Toon or 'Colonel Tomb' as referred to by the Americans. Tomb was an Ace with 13 kills who was finally shot down in 1972 by an F-4 Phantom manned by Cunningham and Driscoll.

Info: Mig-17 Vietnamese Air force flown by Colonel Nguyen Toon Mahogany Display Model

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