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Flying Tiger Line Douglas C-54A Skymaster "N90433," 1955 

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Hobby Master 1:200 HL2022
Flying Tiger Line Douglas C-54A Skymaster "N90433," 1955

Historical Note:



The Douglas C-54 Skymaster was a four-engined transport aircraft used by the United States Army Air Forces inWorld War II and the Korean War. Like the Douglas C-47 Skytrain, the C-54 Skymaster was derived from a civilian airliner (the Douglas DC-4).

Besides transport of cargo, the C-54 also carried presidents, prime ministers and military staff. Dozens of variants of the C-54 were employed in a wide variety of non-combat roles such as air-sea rescue, scientific and military research and missile tracking and recovery. During the Berlin Airlift it hauled coal and food supplies to West Berlin.

After the Korean War it continued to be used for military and civilian uses by more than 30 countries. This was one of the first aircraft to carry the President of the United States and to assume the call sign Air Force One.

Info: C-54A Skymaster "N90433," Flying Tiger Line, 1955

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Buffalo Air C-54A Skymaster (04:36)
Buffalo Air Ltd, Douglas C-54A-1-DO Skymaster C-GPSH (cn 7458) 'Freighter Arctic Distributor' gets all her four Pratt & Whitney R-2000 engines running smoothly prior to a weekly cargo flight up North. (date: June 1998) This is the oldest airwourthy DC-4 in the world...(not sure she flies anymore due to her accident back in Dec 2006). A/c history: Built as 41-107439 for the United States Army Air Force and was delivered on the 6 January 1944. She was then transferred to Reconstruction Finance Corporation during 1945 as N90414. She was used by American Airlines as 'Flagship America" a year later. During April 1949 she was went to Aircraft Sales Ltd. Sold to Qantas as VH-EBN and flew as "Guinea Trader" In 1958 she was leased by Malayan Airways as VR-SEA and received the name 'Albatross" Returned again to Qantas this time as VH-EDN and received yet another name on her nose this time "Pacific Trader". Registered as VH-EBD during July 1961. Later on that year the name 'Norfolk Trader" was given to the Skymaster. She was wfu and stored at Sydney Airport during 1977. Then she was bought by Air Express as "Tasmanian Tiger" later on that same year. During 1980 she was bought by Basler Flight Services and gave the C-54 the registration N5581T. Basler sold her to Calm Air International of Canada as C-GPSH during March 1982. Basler bought the a/c back during 1984 and she was wfu and stored. A year later Soundair purchased the a/c and used her for overnight courier cargo flights from Toronto and Montreal to Dayton, Ohio, on behalf of American forwarder Emery AirFreight. After the collapse of Soundair the Skymaster went to the USA as N7171H with Ernst & Young Inc. and then to International Airline Support group some time during December 1990. Buffalo Airways Ltd bought the Skymaster during January 1991 and she resumed her former Canadian register C-GPSH again. She was badly damaged during a landing incident at Carat Lake on the 28th December 2006. she skidded of icy runway heavily damaged her nose section.
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    Buffalo Air Ltd, Douglas C-54A-1-DO Skymaster C-GPSH (cn 7458)...
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