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C-130E Hercules USA Air Force Lockheed (L-382) 64-0539 With Stand 

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C-130E Hercules USA Air Force Lockheed (L-382) 64-0539 With Stand

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The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft designed and built originally by Lockheed, now Lockheed Martin. Capable of using unprepared runwaysfor takeoffs and landings, the C-130 was originally designed as a troop, medivac, and cargo transport aircraft. The versatile airframe has found uses in a variety of other roles, including as a gunship (AC-130), for airborne assault, search and rescue, scientific research support, weather reconnaissance, aerial refueling, maritime patrol, and aerial firefighting. It is now the main tactical airlifter for many military forces worldwide. Over forty models and variants of the Hercules, including a civilian one marketed as Lockheed L-100, operate in more than sixty nations. 

The C-130 entered service with the U.S. in the 1950s, followed by Australia and others. During its years of service, the Hercules family has participated in numerous military, civilian andhumanitarian aid operations. In 2007, the C-130 became the fifth aircraft—after the English Electric Canberra, B-52 Stratofortress, Tu-95, and KC-135 Stratotanker—to mark 50 years of continuous service with its original primary customer, in this case, the United States Air Force. The C-130 Hercules is the longest continuously produced military aircraft at over 60 years, with the updated Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules being produced today. 

Info: C-130E Hercules USA Air Force Lockheed (L-382) 64-0539 With Stand

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Lockheed Martin - C-130J Super Hercules In Action (03:02)
Range, power, performance, safety redundancy, reliability, sophisticated avionics all come with the C-130J Super Hercules - an aircraft that can meet virtually any airlift mission requirement. With Rolls-Royce AE2100D3 engines and Dowty R391 six-bladed composite propellers, the Super Hercules operates in hot climates, handling short, high-elevation airstrips with maximum payload. The Super Hercules transports 33 percent more payload, using half the crew, while burning less fuel and flying faster, farther and higher than its predecessors. Faster: The C-130J is faster and climbs more quickly, offers 21% more speed. Time-to-climb is slashed by 50% over earlier model C-130s. Higher: The C-130J flies higher, climbs over the weather and has a 40% greater cruising altitude than the C-130H. Farther: The C-130J flies much farther with less fuel, provides up to 40% greater range than the C-130H. Clearly, Lockheed Martin has gone much farther than simply producing an upgrade to the legendary C-130. Virtually every system, component and structural part of the Super Hercules has been chosen to yield a maximum performance airlifter, which is why the aircraft has so quickly gained worldwide appeal. In the United States, the U.S. Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Marine Corps and Coast Guard rely on the C-130J. International C-130J operators include the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Denmark with Norway, Canada and India soon joining their ranks. Many nations are taking notice of the outstanding performance improvements of the Super Hercules, which is why global appeal for the aircraft is growing so fast.
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  1. Very nice but not accurate 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Oct 2018

    Having flown this tail for many years there are a few things that could have easily been fixed. 1: paratroop door windows should be round, E models never had the square ones. 2: side escape hatch on the left side should not be there, that is an H model. 3: should have a GTC and not an APU in the fwd left wheel well.

    Other than that, the paint looks great. The teeth are perfect and the logos are accurate. The only thing missing is 50 years of dust and dirt.