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Type XXI Submarine "U-2540" Germany, 1945 

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Atlas Editions 1:350 7169-105
Type XXI Submarine "U-2540" Germany, 1945

Historical Note:


Made by Atlas Editions, these beauties are 1:350 scale -- the most popular of the larger ship scales.  Pre-assembled and painted, each includes a display stand with a metal plate denoting the boat and the year depicted and, perhaps best of all, each features a cutaway bow section that reveals interior details!

Type XXI U-boats, also known as "Elektroboote" (German: "electric boat"), were a class of German diesel-electric submarines designed during the Second World War. The submarines were produced prematurely, and all of those built had significant defects. As a result, only four of the submarines were completed during the war, and only two were sent for combat patrol and these were not used in combat. They were the first submarines designed to operate primarily submerged, rather than spending most of their time as surface ships that could submerge for brief periods as a means to escape detection or to attack. They incorporated a very large number of batteries to improve the time they could spend underwater, as much as several days, and only needed to surface to periscope depth for recharging via a snorkel. The design included many general improvements as well; much greater underwater speed by an improved hull design, greatly improved diving times, power assisted torpedo reloading, and greatly improved crew accommodations. After the war, several navies obtained XXIs and operated them for decades in various roles, and almost every navy introduced new submarine designs based on them. These include the Soviet Whiskey-class submarines, US Tang-class submarines, and the UK Porpoise-class submarines, all of which were based on the XXI design to some extent. The design remains the basis for diesel-electric submarines.

Info: Type XXI Submarine "U-2540" Germany, 1945

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