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Schneider CA1 Tank, Late Version 

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John Jenkins Designs 1:30 GWF-01
Schneider CA1 Tank, Late Version

Historical Note:


The Schneider Tank was the first French Tank. The Schneider tank was inspired by the need to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare which on the Western Front prevailed during most of the Great War.  It specifically had to open passages for the infantry through barbed wire and then to suppress German machine gun nests. The tank was of the "box" type, lacking a turret, with the main armament--a short 75 mm cannon--in the right side. Generally it is considered a very imperfect design, even for its day, because of a poor lay-out, insufficient fire-power, a cramped interior and inferior mobility due to an overhanging nose section.
The Schneider CA 1 tanks were widely used in combat during the last war years. Their first action on 16 April 1917 was largely a failure, the tank units suffering heavy losses, but subsequent engagements were more successful. In 1918, the Schneider tanks played an important role in halting the German Spring Offensive and breaking the German front in the French summer offensives.  They were active until the end of September 1918, less than two months before the Armistice of 11 November 1918.  After the war the surviving tanks were mostly rebuilt as utility vehicles, but six Schneider tanks were deployed by Spain in the Rif War in Morocco, and the type saw its last action in the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Info: Schneider CA1 Tank, Late Version

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