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Bismarck-class Battleship German Navy, Bismarck, 1941 

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Forces of Valor 1:700 861006A
Bismarck-class Battleship German Navy, Bismarck, 1941
World War II

Historical Note:

At the time she was commissioned in the summer of 1940, the German battleship Bismarck was the largest warship ever completed. Displacing 50,000 tons fully loaded, Bismarck was well armed and had superior qualities of endurance, which made her particularly well suited to her role as a commerce raider. Despite these advantages, however, her career was cut short during her first mission. Assigned to intercept convoys traveling between the United Kingdom and North America, Bismarck sunk the British battlecruiser HMS Hood in the Denmark Straight, and was herself sunk two days later by a retaliating force of British ships and Swordfish biplanes.

Info: Bismarck-class Battleship German Navy, Bismarck, 1941

Product Videos

World of Warships - Know Your Ship #10 - Bismarck Class Battleship (39:17)
Episode 10 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cover the Bismarck Class Battleship commissioned by the Kriegsmarine during World War 2. The Bismarck class battleships were one of the most powerful battleships in World War 2. The lead vessel, Bismarck, became famous for its sinking of the Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Hood. The subsequent, Hunt for the Bismarck, became the stuff of legend. The Bismarck did have a sister ship the battleship Tirpitz, however, she spent the majority of her life anchored in various Norwegian fjords. While the British attempted multiple times to sink her with mini-subs and aircraft, her lack of naval action omits her from this episode. Admirals, get to know these powerful super dreadnoughts of the Kreigsmarine before taking command of them in World of Warships! Enjoy and see you all in battle! Footage from this video from: "Dogfights - Hunt for the Bismarck" - History Channel - purchase the full DVD from: http://shop.history.com/dogfights-the-complete-series-dvd/detail.php?p=104917 "Battleship" - Discovery Channel - purchase the VHS from: http://www.amazon.com/Battleship-Dale-Bell/dp/B000AD1QGE/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Images found on Google images and I will provide whatever citation I can, however 1 image cannot be found so if the painter ever sees this, please send me a message and I will happily provide citation and where to purchase your work. Thumbnail: http://wallpapersjungle.com/photo/drawing/5 Intro picture #1: Unknown please contact me with regards to citation Intro picture #2: License for non-commercial use. Ending picture: http://piccolor.com/battleship-bismarck-german-germany-kriegsmarine-navy-war-ww2/ Video is for purely educational purposes and has not been monetized. Stay TUNED for more DAILY videos. If you like this video don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more videos :) https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming?sub_confirmation=1
  • World of Warsh...
    Episode 10 of Know Your Ship! In this educational video I cove...

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Product Reviews

  1. Finely detailed and accurately scaled at an affordable price. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2017

    Forces Of Valor's 1/700 scale of the BISMARCK Battleship is an excellent addition to any collection. I'm especially impressed with its attention to detail at this scale. Its paint is nicely done and the model has features not always found. Such as, rotating main guns that elevate, accurate renderings of the aircraft, as well as, other parts of the ship.

    For me, an added bonus, is that it has the background (pre-painted red with white circle) on the ship's deck, bow and stern, for the National Insignia of WWII era Germany. So if adding the insignia is to be done, it can be easily. I have looked at other far more expensive die-cast models, as well as, kits requiring assembly that do not have this feature nor the decals and this is something I think adds authenticity and value to the model.

    The packaging does offer some options of other ways of displaying the model and I felt the pseudo-brass plaque could have more information
    than it does.

  2. Great Re-Tool, Poor Execution 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Nov 2017

    I’ve been waiting for this piece for a long time. Several years ago I became interested in the ‘Hunt for the Bismarck’ event from WWII. For my die cast collection I accumulated a 1/700 scale Ark Royal aircraft carrier, the British battlecruiser HMS Hood and a Swordfish biplane – all intimately involved with the Bismarck hunt/sinking in 1941. I was happy when Forces of Valor (FoV) announced this 1/700 scale re-release of the Bismarck; it would fill the last gap in my little niche-collection.

    There are several negatives with the model, IMO, but I’ll begin with the positives. The packaging is substantial and well designed. The model itself is nicely done. I have a previous-release version of the Tirpitz to compare it to (same scale). The workmanship is much improved; every area is noticeably sharper with much finer detail. A nice touch is the crosses on the wings of the two seaplanes, which are absent on my Tirpitz. The effort to improve the look of the display stand is appreciated, but its execution is disappointing (see below).

    The most obvious ‘feature’ with this new release is the option to display the model in plastic “sea” complete with bow waves and propeller wake. The main problem, at least with the one I received, is the model sits so low in the ‘water’ that the ship appears to be foundering. ‘Waves’ literally go above the gunwales when viewed from the side. I experimented with some shimming to see if it would help; it did not. Aside from that, it’s clunky and ugly. It also led to another issue with the model itself.

    To facilitate the waterline display, FoV removed the propellers and rudders from the model. If you decide to mount the ship on the included stand, you have to attach them. Glue is included, but this is a VERY needless complication. Nevertheless, as far as attaching the parts, I have to admit it wasn’t a big deal for me. They fit so well that I decided not to glue them. They look just about as good as the ‘factory installed’ versions on my Tirpitz. Fair enough.

    The display base construction is straight-forward but seems ‘busy’. The metal, brass-finish-like posts would be appropriate for a nicer base, but not this plastic box. The placard simply says “German Bismarck”; kind of perfunctory compared to my Tirpitz’s “German Battleship Tirpitz” which I prefer.

    The little flag decals they included were a head-scratcher. There were no directions provided on how/where to use them. An on-line search failed to turn up any sign of them on other models, but period photos suggested one of them flew on the fantail post. I took a chance and affixed one of them at that location (which on my model appeared to be bent in too far forward, BTW). Ok, not bad - but what am I supposed to do with the other one which, apparently, is supposed to fly from a lanyard on the superstructure?! Confession: I put it on my Tirpitz!

    The model has two painted areas on the bow and stern, red bands with white balls in the middle. For historical accuracy, the white balls should each have a swastika symbol in them. This model does not have those. I understand the emotions some people feel regarding the symbol, but collectors like me spend good amounts of money for technical/ historical accuracy. I have plenty of die cast aircraft with accurate markings, including the marking in question. One aircraft model recently arrived with the markings covered over, but at least the covers could be removed - I can live with that. I don’t agree with FoV’s elimination of a historically correct marking; they could’ve covered them over for me to reveal for display, or left the red band/white ball markings off altogether. Indeed, some research I did indicated that the bands/balls were to be painted over prior to the Bismarck’s final sailing into the North Atlantic.

    Overall, I’m happy to have this long-awaited piece for my mini-collection, but I really wish FoV would’ve paid more attention to accuracy and included more assembly info. If other collectors have better luck with the ‘sea’ display option, good for them (it is an intriguing idea), but I would’ve preferred to pay less for less hassle. I would recommend this piece only for collectors who REALLY need a 1/700 scale Bismarck for their collection (like me!); otherwise you might want to consider other options.